Thursday, 30 April 2020

The 7 Rs

Here is a slide show of the 7 Rs William, Tane and I did this. I did recycle, William did rotting and Tane did Refuse


  1. Hi Aroha,

    It is so good to see you posting to your blog! I love how you have been composting and how this can help the environment. The pictures are a wonderful way to help share information too.

    As a next step do you think you could look at what is to reuse some product?

    Thanks for sharing.


    Mrs B.

  2. Great to see some of your work the 3 of you have worked hard on. It is good to see you using examples too.
    I look forward to seeing the slides on the other R's.
    Keep up the great work Aroha.
    Mrs C

  3. Hi Aroha this is empressive work you have done I actully didn't know there was 7 rs can't wait to see you at school soon.

    Kind Regards Your Bff



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