Tuesday, 7 May 2019

amazing digital footprint


  1. Aroha I loved how you play with the backround and the font I love your footprint slide.
    By Chido

  2. I like your writing and colours. Next time maybe you could make your writing a bit bigger.
    from Corey

  3. Hi Aroha, Maybe next time you could make sure you can see all of the words because one of your foot print photos is on the bottom of the y. But the rest was awesome, great job.
    from Sophie

  4. Hello Aroha, I'm Shanika from Awahono school. I really like your colours on your poster. Next time don't add to much colour because it starts hurting your eyes. You could maybe make your font a different colour like black. Sincerely from Shanika.

  5. i love it but you can do more information

    By core

  6. Hi Aroha, Jesse here from Ahipara school,I really liked your digital footprint, maybe next time you could add more slides/information.
    sincerly from Jesse.


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